Back to School Treats - Full chocolate cake roll with two chocolate cake roll slices on plates with garnish. On a table next to school books, pencil holder, etc.

The Sweetest Back to School Supplies – Treats for Kids and Teachers

Celebrate your favorite teachers and students with delicious, back to school treats from Dutch Apron® Bakery.

Back-to-school season is in full swing! Celebrate your favorite teachers and students with delicious, back to school treats from Dutch Apron® Bakery. Our cake rolls come in a wide variety of flavors, are easy to prepare, and are unique enough to make any educator or student feel special. The best part? There is no baking or assembling required! Just thaw, slice, and serve for a treat that is guaranteed to help you start the new school year off right.

How can Dutch Apron Bakery Cake Rolls make back to school even “sweeter”?

  1. After School Snack

Back to school treat - Slice of carrot cake roll on plate next to fork, apple, orange, glass of milk, and school books. All on kitchen counter.

Celebrate the start of a new school year with an extra special, after-school treat for your little scholars. No matter how many kids you have or how different their palettes and preferences are, Dutch Apron Bakery has a flavor for every taste. So, when those kids are rushing in the door after their first day back to school, great them with a treat that is literally made for sweetening life’s special occasions.

  1. Gift for the Teachers

Pumpkin Cake Roll in clamshell with label next to cup off coffee on a teacher's desk surrounded by personal items.

Dutch Apron Bakery Cake Rolls are back to school treats perfect for students and teachers alike. If you want to do something to welcome teachers back to school, send a cake roll with your kids on the first day or grab a few different flavors and serve them at your school’s next teacher appreciation day. A little gift like this is just the thing to help teachers settle in and look forward to the upcoming year.

  1. First Day Lunch Surprise

Slice of Red Velvet Cake Roll in school lunch box next to hard-boiled egg, salad, tomatoes, and more.

Want to make your kids’ lunches even more special? Forget those over-processed treats stuffed in plastic wrappers. Instead, include a slice of their favorite cake! Kids love the homemade taste and creamy filling while you love that it’s made with premium ingredients and no high-fructose corn syrup. They’re back to school treats that will make everyone happy!

Students, teachers, and parents will love to celebrate the beginning of a new school year with their favorite Dutch Apron Bakery Cake Roll. Whether it’s for an after-school snack, a special treat in a lunchbox, or a “thank you” for the new teacher, everyone could use a slice of this indulgent, back to school treat. After all, whenever there’s an occasion to mark, a treat from Dutch Apron Bakery is there to help make it even more remarkable.

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