Carrot Cake French Toast

Carrot Cake French Toast - a pile of the French toast on a large plate in the background. Two plates with two slices of French toast each. The slices are covered in powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

Each slice of our Carrot Cake Cake Roll is soaked in an egg mixture and fried to golden perfection, transforming them into a delectable treat that’s perfect for a cozy breakfast or brunch.

Mini Carrot Cake Donuts

Eight Mini Carrot Cake Donuts on a cooling rack.

The donuts are made from a Carrot Cake Cake Roll that’s been broken down and molded into everyone’s favorite morning treat. Each one is then dipped in a homemade cream cheese icing and topped with toasted nuts.

Easter Egg Petit Fours

Easter Egg Petit Fours on a cake stand next to napkins in a bunny-shaped napkin holder

This Easter, we thought the traditional carrot cake could use a bit of a makeover. That’s why we decided to turn our Carrot Cake Cake Roll into these vibrant, flavorful Easter Egg Petit Fours.