Our Story

How it All Began...

The story of Dutch Apron® Bakery began in Orville, Ohio as the story of Dutch Country Apple Dumplings. It all started with an apple dumpling, a dream, and a man named Andy Hamsher.

Andy Hamsher was someone who loved to make people happy. He loved helping others and putting a smile on everyone’s face. There was so much joy inside of him, and he wanted to share it with as many people as possible. That was his dream. Andy was determined to make his dream a reality which is what led him to opening Dutch Country Apple Dumplings in 1987. Now, he could bring happiness into people’s lives through his delicious apple dumplings and decadent cake rolls.

Eventually, the orders became too big for Dutch Country Apple Dumplings to fulfill alone. Andy began looking for a place where his company could grow, where it could provide quality baked goods to people all around the country. So, in 2016, Andy passed the reigns of Dutch Country Apple Dumplings to Dutch Apron Bakery.

Dutch Apron Bakery continues to fulfill the dream set by Andy Hamsher. We believe that both everyday moments and extraordinary ones are worth celebrating, and we make those moments even sweeter with our indulgent and delicious desserts. Whether added to an elaborate Thanksgiving spread or enjoyed after a child’s first soccer goal, our products add an element of delight to events and tastefully punctuate special meals. With our long history of reliability and product excellence, we have expanded our reach and can now be found on the shelves of your local grocery store.

“Sweetening Life’s Special Moments!”