Chocolate Cake Shake

Two Chocolate Cake Shakes on a serving tray. Around the shakes are golden utensils, an ice cream scoop filled with vanilla ice cream, and a tipped over glass of straws.

This twist on the classic diner dessert mixes the richness of a Chocolate Crème Cake Roll with creamy vanilla ice cream. Then, a heaping helping of homemade whipped cream is added before the cake shake gets loaded with all your favorite toppings. 

New Year Cake Push Pops

New Year Cake Push Pops with sparklers lit in a vase. Sprinkles are scattered on the table. The dessert is next to themed napkins and coasters.

These fun, festive treats layer moist chocolate cake, decadent crème filling, and gold and silver sprinkles into convenient push pop containers.

Mini Monster Cake Rolls

All three Mini Monster Cake Rolls on plates/cake pedestals with a background of spider webs, fake spiders, and ghoulish trees.

Mini Monster Cake Rolls each have their own personality. Vibrant colors and spooky characteristics come together to make each one a sight to behold.

Cookies and Cream Cake Roll

Cookies and Cream Cake Roll with milk, sandwich cookies, and a red napkin in the background.

This decadent dessert is a combination of rich chocolate cake, smooth vanilla-flavored crème filling, light and luscious cookies and cream frosting, and an abundance of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Made from layers of Chocolate Crème Cake Roll slices, cookies and cream ice cream, hot fudge, whipped topping, and crushed cookies, this treat is a symphony of sweet flavors and textures.

Birthday Cake Charcuterie Board

Birthday Cake Charcuterie Board - wooden board with cake roll slices, sprinkles, candies, cookies, popcorn balls, and cotton candy

A Birthday Cake Charcuterie Board is a stunning display of cake roll slices, cookies, candies, popcorn balls, and more all arranged on a gorgeous wooden board for maximum visual appeal. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, it’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity!

Mint Chocolate Ombre Cake Roll

Mint Chocolate Ombre Cake Roll on green cake stand surrounded by chocolate coins

On St. Patrick’s Day, it’s important to go all out with color and flavor, so we crafted the Mint Chocolate Ombre Cake Roll as our tribute to this festive spring holiday.

3 Desserts to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style

New Year's Eve Desserts - Sparkling Mini Parfaits surrounded by confetti, napkins, spoons, New Year's Eve hat, and noisemaker

Start your new year off with an explosion of great flavors when you serve one (or all three) of our New Year’s Eve desserts. Each recipe features a favorite, seasonal Dutch Apron® Bakery Cake Roll flavor and comes together in just minutes.

Celebrate the Beauty of Winter with a Polar Bear Cake Roll

Finished Polar Bear Cake Roll

Turn any seasonal celebration into a winter wonderland with a Polar Bear Cake Roll. The Polar Bear Cake Roll is deceptively easy to make. Now, anyone can decorate a festive centerpiece that will effortlessly impress adults and kids alike at their next holiday gathering.