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Winter Party Tips for Your Next Snow-Day Get Together

With our winter party tips in mind, you’re sure to throw a seasonal get together that will have everyone wishing winter would never end.

With the holiday season officially coming to an end, people are getting ready to hang up their hosting hats and settle in for a long, cold winter. They’re spending their days dreaming of sandy beaches, pool parties, and having fun in the sun. It may be too cold outside to do any of that, but the fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s winter!

Winter is full of opportunities to gather with loved ones and make plenty of new memories that will warm your heart for years to come. To help you plan the perfect snow-day get together, here are a few great winter party tips to get you started. Now, grab some warm blankets, fire up your slow cooker, and get ready for a cozy day filled with good food and great company.

Tips for Throwing a Wonderful Winter Party

Focus on the Food

Winter offers hosts a variety of delicious food options to choose from. When it’s cold outside, nothing is better than a warm, hearty meal to create feelings of happiness and togetherness. Piping hot dishes, like slow cooker soups, pastas, or casseroles, don’t require you to spend much time in the kitchen. This means you can spend most of the day unwinding with friends and family.

You can also make the food the theme of your party. Host a potluck soup party where everyone can bring their favorite homemade soup or chili to share. Guests will get to try new flavors and recipes, and, as a bonus, there should be plenty of leftovers to take home! Go a step further by offering a charcuterie board filled with cheese, breads, and crackers to add a little texture to the meal.

Dress Up Your Desserts

Decorated red velvet cake roll slice on table. Menu tips for winter party

Sweets are always in season, but winter is the perfect time to add a little frosty flair to your favorite desserts. Get creative by sprinkling a slice of one of our cake rolls with more powdered sugar to give it the appearance of freshly fallen snow. Then, serve it with a variety of seasonally-inspired goodies like peppermint pieces, fudge, marshmallows, or cranberries. It’s a simple way to elevate your dessert course, proving, once again, that presentation is everything.

If you need more cake roll decorating tips for your winter party, check out our Inspiration page to find one that’s right for your celebration. The Snowman Cake Balls are always a hit, especially if you’re expecting to host kids as well as adults.

Add a pop of color

Offer an escape from the dreary, gray landscape outside by adding some vibrant hues to your table. This is easy to do with the right accent pieces or even with food. A colorful tablecloth, a few vases of radiant flowers, or vivid napkins can lighten up the room and brighten your spirits.

If you want to add some color to your menu, consider offering a cheese board as an appetizer and fill it with colorful, fresh fruits. You can also prepare some lovely pastel desserts, like our Lemon Crème Cake Balls, to remind your guests that spring is just around the corner.

Don’t Forget a Theme

Our most important tip for preparing a winter party is to pick a theme. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. It’s simply something for you to plan the event around. This could be as simple as choosing 2-3 main colors to carry throughout your party decorations, or you could make the meal your theme, as we suggested with the potluck soup party. Whatever theme you choose, be sure to bring it into every aspect of the party to really set the scene.

This year, enjoy all those snowy days by spending them with family and friends. Whether it’s just a few close relatives for afternoon tea or everyone in the neighborhood for a recipe swap, a lively celebration is just the thing to help you beat the winter blues. With our winter party tips in mind, you’re sure to throw a seasonal get together that will have everyone wishing winter would never end.

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