Category: Decorating

Winter Wonderland Cake Roll on gold cake stand surrounded by red and gold Christmas bulbs.

Winter Wonderland Cake Roll

The taste of rich, red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, and sweet buttercream make each bite a wintery wonderland for your taste buds while the decorations transform this dessert into a festive, candy-cane-themed delight.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Snack pan - decorated with an icing apple - surrounded by school supplies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Snack Pans

These adorable pans feature Dutch Apron® Bakery’s soft and chewy Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough which are baked and topped with colorful, sweet buttercream frosting. They’re not only delightful to look at; they also taste incredible.

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Cookies and Cream Cake Roll with milk, sandwich cookies, and a red napkin in the background.

Cookies and Cream Cake Roll

This decadent dessert is a combination of rich chocolate cake, smooth vanilla-flavored crème filling, light and luscious cookies and cream frosting, and an abundance of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.

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