Red Velvet Cheese Ball on platter with vanilla wafers and serving utensil

A Creative Appetizer for Your Holiday Celebration – Red Velvet Cheese Ball

A Red Velvet Cheese Ball is the perfect dip for the holidays. It has all the deliciousness of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting rolled into one ball and is served with your favorite cookies or crackers.

A Red Velvet Cheese Ball is the perfect dip for the holidays. It has all the deliciousness of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting rolled into one ball and is served with your favorite cookies or crackers. It’s creamy and flavorful without being too rich and only requires 3 ingredients. It’s so simple that you may want to consider making two because, once guests get a bite of this appetizer, they won’t be able to stop themselves from going back for seconds.

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What You’ll Need
  • A stand mixer and bowl to combine the cake and cream cheese filling. This will form the base of your Red Velvet Cheese Ball, so you want to make sure it is well combined and doesn’t have any large chunks. Alternatively, you can use a large mixing bowl and a hand mixer.
  • Plastic wrap will be needed to help form the cake mixture into a ball.
  • Serve on a decorative platter. The one we chose is perfect for any party or gathering. If you’re putting it out for a special holiday or event, pick a platter that fits the theme and helps highlight the vibrant color of the Red Velvet Cheese Ball.
Storage Information

You can make a Red Velvet Cheese Ball up to 4-5 days in advance, and it will be just as good as the day you made it. Store it in an air-tight container or tightly covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator.

Tips for Making the Perfect Red Velvet Cheese Ball
  • Make sure your cake roll has thawed completely before attempting to mix. A cold or frozen cake roll will be much harder to incorporate into a smooth mixture.
  • Once you’ve formed your cake ball and are ready to refrigerate, it’s important to be sure it is wrapped well. We recommend shaping the ball in the plastic wrap then collecting the plastic ends at the top and twisting them together. Reshape, if necessary, before refrigerating.
  • If you’re making your Red Velvet Cheese Ball ahead of time, wait to put on the chocolate chips until you’re ready to serve. This way the chocolate chips stay fresh and maintain their texture.
  • You can also form your Red Velvet Cheese Ball into other shapes, like a heart for Valentine’s Day or a football for a Super Bowl watch party.

How to Make a Merry and Bright Red Velvet Cheese Ball

Red Velvet Cheese Ball Close-Up Image

  • 1 Dutch Apron® Bakery Red Velvet Cake Roll
  • 1 pkg. mini chocolate chips
  • 1 pkg. vanilla wafers or graham crackers
  1. Take the Red Velvet Cake Roll out of its packaging and let it thaw for 30 minutes.
  2. Once pliable, break off pieces of the Red Velvet Cake Roll and place them into the bowl of a stand mixer. Beat the cake roll until smooth and well combined.
  3. Scoop up the mixture and place it onto a large piece of plastic wrap. Wrap up into a ball and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
  4. Pour the mini chocolate chips into a shallow dish or onto a sheet pan with sides. Remove the Red Velvet Cheese Ball from the refrigerator and carefully unwrap it. Roll the ball onto the chocolate chips until it is completely covered, except the bottom.
  5. Place on a serving platter with vanilla wafers or graham crackers.

Entertaining friends and family for the holidays is a lot easier when you serve a Red Velvet Cake Ball. It’s easy to make and beautifully balances the sweetness of the cake with the tanginess of the cream cheese, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Finally, the beautiful red hue means it will be absolutely stunning when placed it on your holiday table.

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